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●ar young lady. In spite o●f himself, Lyon started.Th●en you think you have identified the young lady▓ he asked. Bede was watching him closely, w●ith a hint of a lurking smile. You don't ask●

with whom we have identifie▓d her Quite right.Of course I couldn●'t tell a representative of the press.● But I don't mind saying that we▓ have theories as to her identity. ▓ Lyon's heart sank.Based on what facts he ●asked, doggedly. Oh, all that will come ou●t in due time.I'll ruin my profess●ional reputation if I let you lead me on to● gossip any more.His serious manner cont▓radicted the hint of irony i●n his eyes, but Lyon guessed that the eyes ca●me nearer to telling the truth.By the way, Mr▓.Lyon, how did you get into these rooms● Oh, I'm in the habit of gettin●g in where I want to go. Go▓od for you.But I'll have to instruct● Hunt as to his duties.You won't get▓ in so easily the next time.

And Lyo▓n fully admitted the truth of that statement ●the next time that he did get● into those rooms. CHAPTER IX Lyon was d▓istinctly nervous when he got● away from Bede and had time t▓o reflect on their conversation.Tw●o things were evident,--that● Bede knew about Fullerton's former rel▓ation with Miss Wolcott and that he suspected▓ Lyon of knowing more of the situation than t▓he miscellaneous public.Was it possible t●hat he was trying to connect Mis●s Wolcott with the woman who had called upon F

ul▓lerton that evening and had gone out● w

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ith him Lyon was satisfied▓ in his own mind that the woman wa●s Mrs.Broughton, but Bede was certainl●y justified in entertaining the other hypothesis▓, since he knew nothing about Mrs.● Broughton.Wou

ld he give his ▓hypothesis to the public That was exactly ●what Lawrence had been so anxious to ▓prevent that he had refused to clea●r himself of the charge of mur●der,--if, as Lyon believed, he was reall▓y not implicated.Was his sacrifice to be● for nothing Lyon saw, at any● rate, that he himself must be wary in his mov●ements, since it was evident that Bede ●was thoroughly alive to as much of the situat●ion as he knew. He had received a● note from Howell, Lawrence's lawyer, ask▓ing him to call at his office, and he turned ●in that direction now.His w●ay, however, took him past the j▓ail, and he took the opportunity to carry o▓ut the scriptura

l injunction to visit▓ those in prison.Poor Lawrence must need a litt▓le cheering up. But poor Lawrence gr▓eeted him with a gayety that did no●t suggest the need of sympathy.Indeed,● his eyes were dancing with triumph. ● Do you see my flowers, old man he cr▓ied jubilantly. A huge bunch of long-stemm▓ed roses, still in the flori●st's box, was filling the cell with ▓color and fragrance. Who sent them asked L▓yon suspiciously. Devil a card or a scrap ●of writing with them. Oh, then● it's me

rely because you have become a celeb●rity,

said Lyon, indifferently.Silly w●omen are always sending flowers to t●he princip

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als in any murder case. ●Bad luck to you, you're jealous, crie▓d Lawrence.If you are going to slander my ▓roses after that fashion, you▓ can go,--go and get me a dicti●onary of

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the flower language.I w●ant to find out what American Beauties mean,--▓when they come without a card. I'●d like to know

myself, said Lyon, ta▓king note of the florist's na●me on the box. Lawrence looked at him with● mischievous eyes, that still● were dancing with happiness.O●h, but you are slow of imagination, ●Lyon, he said, softly. Lyon concluded ●that he was not needed at that m▓omen

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